Creating Smart Real Estate

Real Estate Software Technology

In today’s world digitisation, automation and disruption to the real estate market has changed the way we experience and interact with our surroundings. Innovation has moved beyond the physical building design towards soft services, community and well being in a real time collaborative environment.

Words of Wisdom

Bill Gates had earlier referred to the transformative power of friction – free capitalism that the proliferation of internet smart devices would bring to a traditionally chunky inefficient and often disconnected or disjointed communication process. His vision was accurate and today roadblocks from middlemen and unwieldy processes have to a large part been eliminated to a point were buyers can engage direct with vendors in real time via smart phone devices in the palm of their hands.

Building Interactive Platform

Real Estate becomes smart by engaging with the Building Interactive technology intelligent platform, which connects everyone and everything relevant to a broader real estate community via bespoke apps downloaded on smart phone devices. Just imagine the efficiency savings and productivity gains if each of your buildings and land estates had a single communication point and information repository for everyone and everything connected. Building Interactive is a cloud hosted environment specifically designed for communication and information flow between all building stakeholders.

Suitable Real Estate

From pre construction to the final years of a building’s effective life, real estate either residential multi level, land subdivisions, office towers, resorts or any other can benefit from this world leading technology.


Management, staff, residents, owners and all other real estate stakeholders are beneficiaries of the ensuing business efficiencies and lifestyle enhancements realised when connected with the Building Interactive platform. Occupants of apartments, guests in resorts or hotels and commercial tenants all benefit from the technology with ‘live time’ platform access via bespoke app connectivity from smart phone devices.

The Future

Forward thinking building stakeholders including but limited to owners, tenants and managers are embracing the competitive advantages of smart real estate technologies. Those that do not risk short term future obsolescence.

One Compelling Proposition

The Building Interactive platform which provides live time interaction is efficient, easy to use and can provide significant savings in labor and goods by reducing operational inefficiencies. With communication and management now in the palm of a hand the Building Interactive platform removes what was previously an exhaustive commitment and implementation process. The platform is intuitive in terms of functionality without unnecessary or irrelevant features slowing down immediate adoption and utilisation. The platform is designed to instantaneously meet our clients needs.

The Outcome

Once engaged with better faster smart technology management and building occupants will wonder how they ever got by with the inefficient manual systems. Just imagine the building and business brand uplift and efficiencies once concierges and front desk staff are plugged into a much better, smarter and faster way to manage and are delivering an unparalleled lifestyle for building and estate communities. Even trying to employ quality staff in a building competing against smart buildings will become a challenge.


Benefits To Users


A quick insight into the value of the platform which is only limited by our imaginations. 

  • All relevant real estate information lives securely in the same place
  • Provides the convenience of mobile data storage and retrieval
  • Enables updates and information to be sent to relevant parties in ‘Live Time’
  • Buyers can access all sales collateral, receive updates and even pay deposits
  • Real Estate security is upgraded and achieves compliance requirements
  • Building occupants receive relevant notifications from management 24/7
  • Order goods and services and forward messages or requirements to Building Management 24/7
  • OH&S compliance and other important real estate information is electronically posted
  • Provides details of approved goods and service providers
  • Provides an E Commerce functionality to sell to the connected community
  • The expensive of printing and complication of updating information is a thing of the past
  • Enables increased remote management for Property and Facilities Managers
  • The extended real estate community can interact through a community chat board
  • Continual relevant News Feeds
  • Third party product connectivity
  • Building branded
  • Provides independent cloud hosted storage

And this is just the beginning as you will be amazed at how smart your real estate will become.

Additional Modules

Project Marketing and Sales

House all marketing collateral, monitor buyer enquiry, send push notifications, take reservation deposits, book in handovers and much much more all within the same mobile platform. The platform cost savings gain to most buildings is substantial in terms of staff time, avoiding duplication and unnecessary printing etc.


Enhance the occupier’s experience by providing information about local goods and service providers who pay for the privilege to advertise to your extended building community.

Ultimately a great initiative to generate new revenues over and above the cost of using the Building Interactive Platform.

Visitor Management

State of the art, automated and customisable visitor management solutions. Know who is in your building and why with the ability to view live from any where at any time via our secure web interface.

Comply with Occupational health and safety requirements, browse historical records or export for the ease of data management.

Moving Interactive

Direct connect or disconnect all utilities and internet required by occupants including complete relocation packages, all from within the Building interactive platform.

Building Management System

What used to be termed going green, or what was right for the environment, is fast becoming a business necessity. Cost effective provision and ongoing utility service consumption, plant and equipment operational efficiencies and maintenance costs must managed in the most cost effective way.


Collect, analyse and action collected customer data to better understand buying habits and maximise selling opportunities.
Add value to your building and brand by making it a better place to live or work.

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