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Visitor Interactive – Building Interactive | Creating Smart Cities, One City at a Time
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Visitor Interactive


Specially customised for any commercial industry, VIZOO Commercial providesa solution based Visitor Management Solution (VMS).
The VMS will assist you in your occupation, health and safety requirements.


Ideal for all reception areas. Deliveries can be signed in by the delivery person and the intended recipient contacted via email and/ or text.

This provides a secure recording of delivery staff and deliveries.

Multiple Entry Points

Personnel can sign in one entry point and out another exit point. Meaning there is no restriction on venue movement.

Printed Labels

Where required a simple label printer provides the visitor with a no fuss label providing proof to their attendance on site.

Sign in Options

Visitor Interactive provides companies with various options on how to sign in. They can be as simple as typing in your name to using a RFID and finger scanners.


Staff can be notified when deliveries are made and when their appointment has arrived.


Visitor induction questions can be added to clearly identify the background of each contractor. Staff and management can be notified via text/email on contract arrival.


Specially built for the Aged Care sector, Visitor Interactive Aged Care provides a solution based
Visitor Management System to support you.

First Impressions

The front counter of your facility becomes clutter free and any visitor, client or contractor will gain a positive first impression immediately. Images and advertising of the business can be added on the easy-to-use touchscreen in varying sizes.

Visitor Management Solution

It will remove the outdated paper based systems and replace it with a fully automated touchscreen. Keep track of the time and attendance of visitors, contractors, and staff. The VMS solution assists you with your occupation, health and safety (OH&S) requirements. All (OH&S) and induction related information can easily be accessed.

Securing Your Premises

Do you really know who is on site? In an emergency you will know who is on site and who has checked out. You will have peace of mind in knowing you aren’t reliant on a piece of paper on the front desk.

Evacuation List

Visitor Interactive assists by being compliance including fire, security and other emergencies. An evacuation list can be accessed and displayed whether on or off site.

Zero Maintenance

Visitor Interactive is easy to set–up and to use. Fully setup off-site, the Visitor Interactive VMS is an outof-the-box customized solution.

Data Entry & Backup

All Data entry is quick and easy. Cloud storage allows for easy data analysis, reporting and automatic archiving.


The VMS solution has the ability to connect to other platforms that are preexisting or planned in the business. (Note: This may result in extra costs depending on requirements)

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